Teleportation, now possible with 3D printers


The current researches and development in technology has made it possible the ideas that man once considered impossible. One such impossible concept of teleportation has been made possible by a crew of researchers at Hasso Plattner Institute with the device called Scotty.


Scotty does not actually send an object from one place to another but destroys an object at one place to replicate it at another using the 3D printer. This destructive 3D printer is built with 3-axis milling machine, a camera and encryption hardware for the printers to communicate securely. A Raspberry Pi is the brain of the unit while an Arduino is the controller of the milling machine. The device is actually a slightly modified version of MakerBot Replicator 2X.


The object to be sent is placed inside one of the 3D printers, and the ‘Relocate’ button is hit. The process of destruction and digitalization begins with scanning of the object  with the camera. The scanned image is then analyzed and communicated to the other printer that starts creating the object layer by layer. Also, along with the scanning the original product is ripped off layer by layer. As the sending device shaves of a layer, the receiving device prints that layer, and thus fabricating the new object.

working mechanism of scotty
Working mechanism of Scotty

However, the quality of the replicated copy isn’t near perfect. The result looks more like a photocopy of the photocopy rather than close to original. Though this teleportation device has high potential, it has to further refine its process of generating the copy at the other end.

Scope of Scott seems quite wide for it can be a perfect aid for people wanting quicker delivery than express shipping while shopping online. The purchased object could be scanned and destroyed by the seller while the replicated items is fabricated instantaneously at the buyer’s 3D printer. It is also expected to solve the problems like copyrights and ownership that arises with the 3D printers.


As the new technologies pops-in, new problems may pop up. With Scott’s system making endless copies would not be a problem expecting to cause a threat for the manufacturing industry and the logistics industry. All one could say is the industries should be ready to evolve and accept the changes to cope up with such technological changes. Though in current scenario, the 3D printers may not much sorted for but a decade ahead 3D would become much more capable and prevalent and may play an important part in everybody’s regular lifestyle.