Telegram messenger app for Windows Phone launched

By | May 29, 2014

Last week, the unofficial Telegram messenger Ngram has been released on Windows Phone store and it is now replaced by official telegram app on receiving the approval from the Telegram team. The telegram messenger app for Windows Phone is focused on the speed and security and it is simple, fast and available for free.

Telegram messaging service is the decentralized, cloud based and the encrypted messaging service and it provides the fast and most secured messaging with the support of RSA 2048 encryption. The features are more similar to the WhatsApp and it is the competitor for WhatsApp. It supports all file formats and you can share any type of files with your friends.

In telegram you can create the group chats up to 200 people and connect to all of them at once. You can share the videos of capacity up to 1 GB, share any type of media content and multiple photos from the web. It works on cloud storage technology and all your messages are stored in cloud and you can access any message from any of your device.





  • Telegram is very fast messaging app, as it uses the decentralized infrastructure where the data centers positioned around the globe and it connects the users to the closest server.
  • It provides the maximum security whereas you cannot get it with the WhatsApp.
  • Uses the cloud storage technology, so you never looses the data and you can access your messages from any of your device.
  • Support group chats up to 200 group members and share the videos up to 1 GB.
  • It is the most reliable messaging service and delivers your messages in the possible minimum bytes.

Download Telegram for Windows Phone.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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