Teewe seeded by Sequoia and India Quotient



Teewe seeded by Sequoia and India Quotient. Bengaluru based Mango Man Consumer Electronics raised $1.75 million seed capital from the venture companies.

The startup company make entertainment hardware for home. They have developed a device called Teewe, HDMI dongle is a flagship product. It let users to connect their computers and mobile devices to a television and can be used in any environment such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.

Although there are many HDMI dongle are available in the market, the speciality of Teewe dongle differentiates from Chromecast by making it simpler for user to stream content to their televisions which they have downloaded onto their mobiles or their personal computers.


Sai Sreenivas Kiran G says “The initial idea was to build something that would enable a user to play anything from anywhere on their televisions. This started with Teewe, and then our mission statement went on to include building more devices that will be connected home entertainment,”

He further said “Our focus is primarily on enabling users to watch content that they already have, instead of online streaming content because of the not-so-great Internet connection in India.”

The setup of Teewe is simpler; users plug into their television’s HDMI port, and then download its apps on their computer/laptop/tab/smartphones. Teewe’s app automatically detects and sorts all media stored on those devices that can be played through Teewe. Another feature of Teewe dongle is Chrome plug-in that automatically sorts playable content from websites.


Google Chromecast is a toughest competitor, however for Teewe dongle sales have increased after the launch of Chromecast in India. This is because partially due to the awareness of HDMI dongles among consumers in India.

Total funding of Teewe has increased to $2 million and latest capital infusion will be used for enhancement of their product range. The company plans develop new hardware to be launched by end of 2015. Mango Man plans to expand to Southeast Asia with this funding.

The company was founded in 2013 by Sai Srinivas Kiran G and Shubh Malhotra. They employs a small team of 22 people on their roles.