Techie Trends at CES 2015

By | January 12, 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year show the emerging trend in the digital market. This year at CES lot of techie stuff have been unveiled to the consumers. Looking closely at the products and prototypes introduced, we found some of the techie trends that seem to be trending this year

Techie Trends at CES 2015

* Everything is becoming ‘smarter’:

Applying the word ‘smart’ to only phone and tablets has become thing of past. Everyday items like wallet, watch, shoe, bracelet, light bulbs and even belts have become ‘smarter’ and more ‘connected’. At CES floor, it was difficult to walk five steps without bumping into the above mentioned ‘smart’ items stalls. All thanks to the many startup companies who take the initiative to come up with such ideas.

* At CES, Car drives you:

The cars will not only guide and direct us to the destination but will even takeover the steering wheel and drive us there. Audi and Mercedes showcased the self-driven cars which looked more like a computer than transportation vehicle. The BMW i8 which could park the car on its own and pick up the person when ready. This car is packed with its own internet connection, GPS, Spotify, Pandora integration and could access anything from facebook to snapchat. Car is becoming the ultimate connected device.

Mercedes Techie Trends

* Technology is ruling fitness, beauty and health:

The number of smart wearables has increased drastically in this year with the lots of fitness and heath companies entering the market with their smart devices. Panasonic unveiled the smart mirror which helps one experiment makeup products by applying it on their reflection rather than on the face. Muse, by Interxon, is the brain-sensing headband kinda device helps one to calm and relax. Another amusing fitness gadget of this year is Belty, an smart belt which adjusts the buckle based on the wearers position and alerts the wearer if he gets lazy.

* Let’s get things printed:

Printers are getting a new dimension with the launch of the 3D printers. These 3D printers are capable of printing usable guns to edible pizzas. 3DS printers’ chocolate printers and XYZ Printing’s new food printers are in rage in the market. When one can print guns and cakes, then what not? Down the lane, we may start printing things we need rather than buying them.

* Smaller the better:

At CES 2015, lot of pocket-friendly items were spotted and seemed to have captured the interest of the consumers. Consumers want everything to be handy and portable whether its laptop charger or CPU. Convenience has become the order of the day. HP’s PC and Zolt’s laptop charger are few items spotted popular among the crowd. Of course, who wouldn’t want to carry light-weight gadgets or connectors.