Taskfriend – Creating opportunities in the neighborhood

By | December 10, 2014
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Taskfriend – Creating opportunities in the neighborhood
Taskfriend is opened in beta mode works purely on the idea that people are social beings. People will be different and great, when they come together and work, create wonders. Taskfriend is a good example; where technology can strengthen human bonds make strong, healthy communities and robust local economies. The main motto for Taskfriend is to create opportunities in the neighborhood.

Taskfriend works on a simple technology where people locate others nearby who are ready to help with anything, whether it is lending a tool, borrowing a magazine or getting provisions for the home, getting repaired the leaky tap, maintaining their garden. Here people can advertise their services and skills so that friends and neighbors can get in touch and avail the services when needed.

The functionality of this website contains general four broad groups:
a) Post a tasks
b) Make an offer on the tasks
c) User can post services.
d) User can request services.


Any community, hundreds of people have skills that are not being utilized, however an equal number of people have things that need to be done. For ex: One user may be good in plants and has a good knowledge of gardening and if he lives within 5 mile radius of your place. You can avail the services for a nominal cost. Also you can rate the user with your reviews and recommendations which may be helpful in generating additional income for the person who helped you. You may look for the housekeeping services which arise due to the sudden illness of your regular maid, as stop gap arrangement.

Creating a task is easy here takes seconds. Searching for providers and other willing to complete simple tasks is hassle free. It’s no frills user interface will allow people within 5 mile radius to see anyone with tasks to complete or services to offer. User can add good and rich narrative about their tasks or services, allowing members to keep informed about the offers.

It’s a free service to the users for posting a service or requesting for it. Taskfriend will get small percentage of commission whenever their users earn money on their website. Users who are availing the services has to enter their credit card information to ensure faster payment to the member who has provided the services. Those who are interested in providing services have to enter bank details in order to get the payments from the users who has availed their services. Payments generally will take within 72 hours. Taskfriend has tied up with a major payment processor to ensure secured and efficient transaction service to their users.

money-in-handsTo encourage quality and reliability within the community, the platform features a review system for completed transactions, where users can rate the services provided. Hence it is understood, those deliver good and reliable services will get good rating.

Taskfriend main goal is to work as a connector to supply and demand of a community through a simple online marketplace. Creating communities where people can depend on each other, can grow as a helpful society, knowing there are people in the neighborhood who can help them in a step away.

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