Talenti Gelato flavor for your Social Media Persona

By | August 24, 2015

People are different in their own ways, no one can a judge a person by terming them with some names. Many at times criticize others intuitively for being sweet, bad, good, etc. We live in a world where sarcasm exist subtly in everyone’s life. In the real world, we try to communicate so many things to one another but unconsciously.

Like how we describe the taste of a particular food its yummy, its sweet, its little bitter and so on, what if the same description we could give it for the words we use it on daily basis.

The concept of giving flavors to the words we use it regularly inspired the king of flavors, Talenti Gelato to work on their most ambitious project ever. Talenti Gelato is well-known for its delicious frozen ice-creams with a wide spectrum of natural flavors and now it has found a way to create unique gelato flavor for every person based on their social media persona.

It’s called FLAVORIZE ME and it will gather and transform the words you use on social media into a computed flavor, which means your activities on social media would diversify you in to 5 categories – ‘sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, salty’.  The best part is that your unique personality flavor will be made for real and all the flavors will add up to represent you. This is how it works.

Ready for being an unique Gelato Flavor?

To create a personal Gelato flavour takes up lot of effort in making one, maybe more than 350 ingredients. Firstly, the Talenti team shifted via a corpus of the 10,000 most-commonly used words in the English language along with famous social media phrases like “turnt” and “SMH”, and split-ed them into the five categories that our taste buds recognize- Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy. The words like Love and beautiful comes under the Sweet category while the words like hate and idiot falls under the bitter category.

But to add more clarity to the corpus, Talenti organized its huge flavor catalogue into five segments and tabulated them according to their levels of intensity. For example, if “love” is the most intense word in the sweet category, it’s matched up with Talenti’s most intense sweet flavor, brown sugar.

The Science-ing Of Your Flavor

When you send your social media personality for assessment, Talenti’s algorithm will scrutinize the words that have been used commonly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even, The color of the Instagram Photos put them under the flavor Index. After accumulating all of the information from your social media persona, your unique gelato flavor will be customized on how sweet, spicy, salty, sour and bitter you are.


Talenti Gelato analyzes the flavor characteristics of hundreds of ingredients to determine which closely matches your personality.

Talenti Gelato’s Ingredient Flavor Analysis


If you likely to spend most of your time on Twitter, you probably won’t like the bitter flavor you receive. But that’s the point says the Talenti’s team “Some people just don’t have suitably delicious gelato personalities,” a Talenti representative says.

Hypothetically, May be your too sweet as a person in reality but suddenly the flavor which is given to you is totally different and shocking. Many at times, we act unconsciously, like criticizing, sarcastic comments, over reaction to something which is normal, the attitude makes your unique flavor persona. A unique combination of Grape, chocolate and watermelon – this combination, the world would have never known if its not for you.


From today onwards, Talenti Gelato will activate FLAVORIZE ME for five weeks. At the end of the Flavorize me Challenge, Talenti gelato will select the unexpected and delicious flavors of top 6 to  be produced and shipped to their personality. Only the best entrants will have the chance to taste their Social Media personas.


For more information about the delicious world of Talenti Gelato, please click here: http://www.talentigelato.com/.

To get started with your personal flavor profile, visit this link for details: http://www.FLAVORIZE.ME.