How to take screenshots in recovery mode on Android device


Screenshots of the device are helpful at every instance and it may be when you are troubleshooting your device and you want to show your developer what exactly is happening on your device or may be you are writing a tutorial explaining something which require screenshots. There are so many apps which allow you to capture the screen in normal mode but to take screenshots in recovery mode there are only few ways.

Follow this tutorial to take the screenshots when your device is in recovery mode. For this you need to have the below things installed on your PC.

  • You need to have Windows PC, because the tool we use is available only for windows.
  • Install ADB drivers on your PC. To install this go to the Android SDK website and install on your PC.

How to take screenshots in recovery mode on Android device

  • First make sure that your Android device is in recovery mode and then connect your device to the PC using USB cable. If a pop up appears on the PC saying it installing the drivers, then do it first.
  • Download Recovery Screenshot tool  onto your PC and extract all the files onto your desktop.
  • Now double click on the file “RUNrs.bat” which you have extracted on to your desktop and launch the tool.
  • When you launch the first screen will ask you what configuration would you want to go for. You are first time user so press “1” on the keyboard.
  • The next screen will ask you to enter the screen resolution. After entering both the both width and height and hit Enter button.
  • Now pull all the possible screenshots from your Android device to the PC. A folder with name “Pixel formats” will be created on your PC. Go to the folder and check all the screenshots it has captured of your device. Rename the screenshots which best suits it and hit the Enter button in the tool and it shows the next screen.
  • In the next screen choose the first option which says “You see your image”.
  • Enter the screenshot name which you noted in Step-6. Don’ t the extension to the image, for example the name is rgb565.png then make it rgb565 only.
  • Now the tool is now configured to the screenshots of the device when it is in recovery mode. In the next screen select the third option which says “3-Get both frame buffers”.

Thats it, this tool will work fine to capture the screenshots of the device in the Recovery mode.