How to take a screenshot on Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone is the most popular mobile Operating System only next to Android and iOS. Windows Phone 8 is the second major mobile OS version from Microsoft which is next version to Windows Phone 7. Taking screenshots is the new feature came with Windows Phone 8 whereas this features is not present with the Windows Phone 7. Here is the small tutorial to take screenshots on Windows Phone 8.

How to take a screenshot on Windows Phone 8


Step 1 : First navigate to the screen which you want to take the screenshot.

Step 2 : Now press and hold the Windows button and then press the power button.

  • For Windows Phone 8.1 version the combination is Power button and volume up buttons. If you are using still Windows Phone 8 then you need to follow the above said method.
  • After pressing and holding those buttons for some time a successful screenshot is indicated when your Windows Phone screen color flashes over the whole screen.

Step 3 : Now to view the screenshots that you have taken, open the photos app on your mobile and go to albums and you will find the screenshots you have taken in the screenshots album.