How to take screenshot on Windows 8


Windows 8 is the new version of the most popular Windows Operating System. Windows 8 makes it easier to take the screenshots and it has introduced the improvements to the way it takes the screenshots. Here I am explaining two methods for how to take screenshot on Windows 8.

Method 1 : Using print screen key


  • Capture the whole screen : To capture the full screen you need to press Windows button+Print screen. After pressing the screen will be darken for a second which gives you the visual cue of the screenshot that has been taken. The image taken has been saved to the My Pictures folder. If you simply hit the Print Screen button then the screenshot then the image will only saved to the clipboard. If you have the two monitors for your PC then it capture both the screens.
  • Capture single window : Before taking the screenshot of the single window make sure that it is active and then capture it by pressing Alt+Print Screen keys. Unlike taking the screenshots of the whole screen there won’t be any visual cue and the image will be saved to the clipboard only.
  • To save the clipboard image you need to paste into the graphics application or the word processor, but in Windows 8 there is an simple image manipulation program paint, which can be easily accessed.
  • Open t he paint and simply press CTRL+V to paste the image from the clipboard into the paint. Now click on the File and Save as to how and where the file has to be saved.

Method 2 : Using the Snipping Tool


  • First find out the snipping tool in the all Apps page under the accessories. It is very handy and versatile tool which offers the more options than the above said method.
  • The main limitation with the snipping tools is it works only on the desktop and to take the screenshots of the Metro apps and the start screen you need to use the above method.
  • It offers the number of options  and you can choose the best option that suits you. After taking the screenshot save the image into the specified folder.