How to take screenshot on Chromebook

By | October 10, 2014

This is right place where you can know how to take screenshot on Chrome book, to be frank maximum number of users are asking this question ” How to take screen shot on Chromebook“.

Actually it is an easy task if you know how to take screen shot. In this article you can get the clear information regarding how to take screen shot on Chromebook. There are many ways to take screenshot as mentioned below :

  • If suppose you want to take snap shot of you entire screen, then you need to press Ctrl and Windows switcher keys at the same time to take the screen shot of entire screen.
  • Let us say if you wants to take capture the specific area of screen then press Ctrl, Windows switcher keys and shift at a time so that you can take capture particular area as you select.
  • If you are on the Dev channel Chrome OS you will also find a new ” Take Screen Shot” option is available from the more tools drop down in the chrome menu.

Once hitting the screen shortcut the screen will briefly flash white and a notification to conform its success or failure will follow

How to take screenshot on Chromebook

  • Hitting on the notifications will open the Chrome OS file manager and all the screen shots are saved as high quality .PNG files, and these files are stored in downloads folder for easy retrieval.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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