Take photo simultaneously while recording video in iPhone, iPad


Some things you are shooting the video with the built in iPhone, iPad camera application, If suppose you wants to take Photo simultaneously While recording, when you feel the amazing moment you can snap it. This make apple to easy and this article gives you clear information and guides about how to take photo parallel while recording video in iPhone as well as iPad. Follow the steps given below.


Steps to be follow:

  • Launch the camera app from iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch.
  • Now shift to mode to take video recording by tap on the record option.
  • Now the video started recording, and you  want to take snap then simple click on the take picture button which is in white color to the left of the stop/start button.
  • Once you tab on it, the screen will flash white to indicate you have taken the picture.
  • Every time you tab on the the tab the snap will be saved automatically to you r camera roll, at the same time your video also recorded same time.
  • That’s it you are done with Taking the picture.

There is disadvantage taking photo while recording video, the picture quality comes lower than the regular one. Picture size will be 1280×720 (1.2 megapixel /720p/16:9). Most modern i Phones shoot in 3264 X 2448 (8megapixel/4:3). By using this method you will gain flexibility and you lose image size. Though it’s still better than taking a screenshot of the video later, which results in 1136×640 (0.7mp/16:9).