How to Take HDR Photos with iPhone


The HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The HDR is a part of Photography. The HDR is mainly used outside on a sunny day and view a scene that has both really bright area and very dark, shaded areas, you are living in a setting with a great dynamic range — a huge range of light intensity levels. On a foggy day, the dynamic range is very low.

You want to take HDR Photos with iPhone, then this article will definitely help, an you can take awesome HDR enabled images with your iPhone.

How to Take HDR Photos with Iphone

Steps to take HDR Photos with iPhone

  1. To On the HDR in the iPhone is very easy. First of all you have to open the Camera app of the phone. Here you should see a button at the top of the screen that says Options.
  2. Now you have to tap this button to see the Grid and HDR toggles. To turn on HDR, switch to toggle to ON by tapping it.
  3. Now again Tap Options to get the menu to disappear.  The HDR will stay on until you repeat the process to turn it off.Because the iPhone will take three photos every time, whenever you trigger the shutter. The Apple has also  included an option in the Settings app which you keep the normal photos — meaning the photos you would have taken if  the HDR was turned off. To turn this on, you have to go to the Settings > Photos & Camera > Keep Normal Photo > ON
  4. Now you have to Tap on the darkest part of the scene and focus on the particular object that you want to shoot with the help of your iPhone.

Except this there are lots of HDR apps are available in the Apple App store which can help you to take HDR enabled image. This inbuilt HDR feature of the iPhone’s camera is a great, but this feature has some limitations. But don’t worry the Apple App Store comes in. There are frequent number of apps are available which can help you take HDR enabled images,  some of the best apps are here-

  • Simply HDR – It is paid app which available at a cost of  $0.99 for your  iPhone,  you can download the app from – here!
  • Pro HDR – It is also a paid app which available at $1.99,you can download the app from – here!
  • HDR FX Pro – This app is free, but it has some limitations, you can download this app from – here!