TAG Heuer announces its Carrera Wearable 01 Smartwatch



Smartwatch is a very popular wearable device and most of tech companies have come up with their own device. Now, some traditional watch makers are also entering into the smartwatch business and the latest company to join this venture is TAG Heuer.

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has announced its first smartwatch Carrera Wearable 01 and will be launched at the Company’s event in New York on November 9th. This Android watch will come at the price of $1,800. The price tag of the smartwatch is very high, but the company says that it is not asking for much, as this luxury watch is just a bit pricier than Apple’s Hermés Collection.

Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of TAG Heuer said in an interview with CNBC that this luxury smartwatch is being built in association with Google and Intel. He also thinks that young generation is not much interested in the traditional watches, as they have started wearing smartwatch.

The Swiss watchmakers have struggled in building smartwatch. The main reasons for this have been the tradition of the Swiss watch and lack of technology experience. Therefore, TAG Heuer has built this smartwatch by collaborating with Google and Intel.

This is the first time that the luxury watchmaker is making the luxury smartwatch; the watch looks very good and beautiful as always. We’ll know more about the watch after its launch on November 9th.