How to Sync iCloud Calendar to Android

By | July 1, 2014

Want to access your iCloud calendar into your Android. Or want to sync  iCloud Calendar to Android Phone. You can easily do  this and its possible. The iPhone owners may well have relied upon iCloud in a similar kind of Android users relying on the Google. You can access all the things of iCloud Calendar on your Android Smartphone.

And you can easily do this with the help of this app – SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar.  With the use of this app you can able to import and two-way sync your AppleiCloud calendars to the stock Calendar app on your Android device(Smartphone or tablet). With the use of  this app, Smoothsync for Cloud Calendar.


The SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar syncs your iCloud calendars and reminders in an easy. Due to the implementation of the app as sync adapter, this app is integrated smoothly with the native calendar app of your Android Smartphone and widgets and operates invisibly in the background of your Phone. The app is very user friendly, with the help of  this app you can enter your account data, select your calendar and SmoothSync will keep your calendars in sync. Even with the use app, you will able to create new calendars on your Android device. This is a paid app, it is available at $2.50 in the Google play store. If you want to download this ten you have to click here!

Features :

  • This app allow you – Two-way-sync
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Supports subscribed calendars
  • Initial support for attachments (Android 4.1 or newer, doesn’t work with all calendars apps)
  • Supports reminders if this app is installed:
  • Multiple calendars per account
  • Automatic calendar discovery
  • Automatic sync of calendar colors and names
  • Syncs multiple alarms
  • Time zone support
  • Customizable sync interval (default: 4h, local changes will be synced almost immediately)
  • Synchronizes entire calendar
  • Encrypts passwords