Swiss Post testing drone for delivering parcels



Swiss post in association with Swiss WorldCargo and Matternet are testing the parcel deliveries by drone. Those companies are testing the feasibility of using drone by using it for some specific use and then analyze the cost effectiveness of this business idea. In spring, Swiss Post, national post of Switzerland announced that they will test the feasibility of drone use for postal services by partnering with Swiss WorldCargo and Matternet and now they have confirmed that they have started the testing.

Swiss Post says in a statement that the usual parcel is not realistic anytime soon, because of legal constraints and absolute volume of the packages. They have said that it will be available for some specific use within five to ten years.

To start the test, Swiss Post will use lots of Matternet ONE drones. These drones are light and have power enough to carry one kilogram package up to ten kilometers or more than that on one charge. Postal service executive has shown the drones for the first time on Tuesday and also said that initial test of the drones will run till the end of July.

The snow-white drones have four branches with propellers on the end extending from hollow ring of the size of the toilet. In the middle, it has a yellow box having the postal service logo. The drone flies all by itself and follow a clear secure flight paths defined by cloud software of Matternet (US manufacturer of drone), told Swiss post.

Swiss post, which runs this project with Swiss WorldCargo (air freight division of Swiss International Air Lines) has emphasized that the drone will be fully tested before putting it to full wide application use. Until that there are various requirements that need to be clarified.

Those requirements includes exploring the framework that would be relevant when sending the unmanned aircraft out across the Alpine country, which has numerous remote and isolated villages where drone deliveries could be useful.

Swiss post also said that a broad test of the drones will be done to check the technical restriction including battery life. Right now they will use the drones for some emergency cases like delivering some parcel to areas that have been isolated from the rest of the world due to storm. Other possibility includes transport of some urgent consignments with highest priority.

If you are thinking that Switzerland is the only place, where delivering of package by drones will happen soon, then you are wrong. Amazon, Worlds largest online retailer has announced the plan of using the drones for delivering small packages to customers in selected markets in late 2013. But recently company has said that it will not be possible due to proposed US rules of using the drones for civilian.