Swing Copters latest game by Flappy Bird creator releasing this week


Flappy Bird was an unequivocal phenomenon, and even became too much for its own creator, Dong Nguyen. Nguyen ended up pulling the game from app stores because of how addictive it had become, despite the game earning $55,000 per day in ad revenue. Now, Dong Nguyen is coming back with a new game called Swing Copters, and it doesn’t look like he’s stretching himself too much with this new concept.


This latest game also seems like Flappy Bird, by watching the trailer video. But this time your little copter will swing left and right as it rises, and your tap will cause your copter to change direction. As you rise, you’ll have to avoid swinging hammers on either side of the screen. And, of course, touching anything will kill you. Add in the retro pixel graphics, and it really feels like a vertical Flappy Bird.

This new and latest game available platforms are not specified, Swing Copters will be released next week, likely for iOS and Android, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The game will be free to download, and have an in-app purchase of 99 cents to remove the ads. After released only we can tell whether this game also holds the same balance of difficulty to keep players hooked. Stay tune for more information regarding this new game Swing Copters.

 Click Here to Watch Trailer of Swing Copters