Sway : Microsoft expected to launch a new cloud service


Recently the operating system giant Microsoft has purchased the domain name Sway.com, which appears to be a cloud service — CDN as per the report. The information was first discovered by Jamie Zoch. Along with the domain registration, the software giant Microsoft  has  also registered a trademark for Sway with a wide focus on- computer software, computer application software, online computer software, and software as a service.

The report also mentions that there are several variations regarding to the domain name of the this new Microsoft product. including sway-CDN.com, sway-CDN.net, sway-INT.com and sway-INT.net. Surprisingly, the domain name currently redirects to Bing, with search results for the terms. Microsoft has a habit of doing this with every domain they register or acquire.


The Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly has said :

[quote]”I think Microsoft is getting ready to launch the software pretty soon, or it isn’t likely that they would have revealed they were behind the purchase of the domain name yet. They have also set domain name servers,” [/quote]

 The company has already a OneDrive Cloud service which is available in all major platforms. And offered 15 GB free storage also. Now if this rumor is true then, it will be good step taken the Nandella (CEO of Microsoft) to offering more and more features of the cloud to the Micorsoft consumers