Super Tank Arena Battles : Gameplay And More

By | July 24, 2014
Super Tank Arena Battles

The super Tank Arena Battles is available in Android and Windows Phone Platform. It is an Shooting Arena Game which is inspired from old classic video games of 90’s. This is hardcore arena shooter with lots of upgrades and enemies.

Super Tank Arena Battles game has five different level of modes which makes the gameplay more interesting. The five different modes are- Survival, Catch the Flag, One on One, Mines Rush and the Hardcore Survival. In  the survival and hardcore mode of the game, you have to play as a  survival player, which has to must survive, you have to destroy the enemy tanks and collect all the bonuses, which will display at the time of game in your Android or Windows Smartphone.

Super Tank Arena Battles

In catch the flag player must collect as much flags as possible and survive. In one on one mode of the game, the  player will be facing increasingly harder number of  enemies. In mines rush, the  player must survive in never ending mine field.In the Super Tank Arena Battles you can also collect the bonuses, upgrade your tank and crush your opponents. You can also compete with the online leaderboard with daily, weekly and all the time results.

If you want to play this game in your Android Smartphone, then you play as a tank on the arena. By taping and holding screen  of your Smartphone, in this you are forcing  the  tank to move and eventually shot at this direction. The Tank can collect upgrades to improve shooting abilities, defense or modify game arena. It is available free  in the Play Store, you can download this game from here!

Features of Super Tank Arena Battles –

  • Five game modes
  • Eight different bonuses to collect
  • Online leaderboard for each game mode
  • Game is completely free