Super League Gaming raises an undisclosed amount in Series B funding

By | September 2, 2015

Super League GamingĀ  Inc, a firm that converts movie theaters into interactive gaming arenas, has recently secured an undisclosed amount in Series B round of funding led by Cinemark Theatres and other investors from Singapore and Hong Kong who join to form Quandrant Management.

Super League Gaming 2

Founded in 2014, Super League Gaming is the world’s first recreational league that attracts the gamers for an immersive, collaborative game play experience in theaters currently all over USA and soon worldwide. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the gaming company allows gamers to compete against other gamers as they socialize in a face-to-face environment as they play many popular games. Partnering with Cinemark Theaters, Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theatres, Super League is growing at a fast phase to increase their reach and gaming library to bring together gamers who enjoy competition and camaraderie.

“Our theaters are an entertainment destination, a place for people to interact and share experience,” said Sean Gamble, Cinemark CFO. “Super League brings a whole new energy to our theatres and our investment in the company reflects our enthusiasm and belief that these types of events are addictive to our core theatrical business.”

Players bring their laptops or mobile devices to the theater but unlike the first-person view on their gadgets, Super League’s technology combines all players into a single aerial view displayed on the movie screen where other can watch the game live.

“Our technology re-imagines the theater space for recreational eSports. We saw our own kids playing video games and we thought there has to be a more social, communal way to do this. People don’t want to be playing alone in their homes. They want to be playing together, working side by side with their team mates to compete against other teams. We knew movie theaters were a natural fit, but even we were surprised by the tremendous response to the summer preseason tour ,” said Super League co-founder and chief visionary officer John miller.

After the success of the summer preseason tour across 25 major cities with active participation of 10,000 gamers, Super League is all set to launch its first official Fall League session on Oct 6th with the highly popular game Minecraft. This game session at Fall will help expanding Super League into more than 70 active U.S theater gaming arenas. The company is working on adding more game titles soon.

With the fresh funds, Super League is planning to launch participatory theater gaming in new markets all over USA this year and widen its list of popular games played on PC and mobile to be played around the world in 2016.