Subway Surfers tips, cheat and tricks to score more


We all know that Subway surfers is one of the popular and addictive endless running game, Subway Surfers, from developers Kiloo has registered more than 8 million downloads. The addictive game let players to help Jake, the protagonist to escape from the inspector and his dog. This app usually get updated more often to experience even more, players are not only treated to advanced graphics, it will also have hoverborad surfing and super fast swipe.


Subway Surfer can be played on iOS and Android devices and even on Windows Phone that requires 512 MB of RAM. Below are some of the Subway Surfers tips, cheat and tricks to score more, let’s get started with it to become more familiar with them. Sometimes you might no need to use these back process to just rise the score if you are competing with friends or socially, but to show them you high score, these could be helpful.

Subway Surfers tips, cheat and tricks to score more

Jump using Jetpack

If you are addicted to this game then you must know what is jetpack, it allows you to jump to great heights, must be done at the opportune moment or else it will fail.

  • Players have to grab their Jetpack and wear it.
  • This will allow players to jump high in the air.
  • Players will possibly land ontop of a train.
  • Fly using the Jetpack to the moment until it runs out of fuel and then immediately swipe up after the last coin is taken.

There is another bug that allows you to run backward, to avail this feature,

  • You either have to buy or get the Mystery Box and a Mega Headstart, a powerup.
  • Soon after you start, players will have to kill themselves.
  • Following the death, click on the Mega Headstart and activate it.
  • Now you will start flying backwards.

Time travel cheat

Similar like Miami-Special Board,you will have to make few changes to your device, basically Date and Time. Change them according to the dates given below:


  • Kim and Outback – 5 April, 2013
  • Harumi and Fortune – 4 May, 2013
  • Cherry Hoverboard – 27 May, 2013
  • Nick and Flamingo – 17 January, 2014
  • Roberto and Kick-Off – 28 February, 2013
  • Egg Hunt and Chicky – 1 March, 2013
  • Mina and Bubblegum – 10 February, 2014
  • Elf Tricky and Starboard – 1 December, 2012
  • Tony and Liberty – 5 January, 2013
  • Carmen and Toucan – 30 January, 2013
  • Olivia and Moose – 8 May, 2014
  • Harumi and Fortune – 24 May, 2014
  • Tony and Liberty – 20 February, 2014
  • Rosa and Prickly – 1 April, 2014
  • Roberto and Kick-Off – 5 April, 2014
  • Sun and Panda – 3 August, 2013
  • Alex and Teddy – 9 September, 2013
  • Eddy and Pumpkin – 31 October, 2013
  • Jamie and Snowflake – 28 December, 2013
  • Jay and Bengal – 2 January, 2014
  • Zombie Jake – 3 October, 2012
  • Edison and Banana – 4 June, 2014
  • Coco and Rose – 26 June, 2014

Make Hoverboard Invisible

  • Start the game and kill yourself soon after.
  • Click Mega Headstart just before you die.
  • Now players will start running backwards.
  • When you land, switch on the hoverboard and it will become invisible.
  • Players may have to try this several times before it actually works.

Jetpack Smoke Direction Changer

Players will be able to change the direction of the smoke emanating out of Jetpack. The smoke will go in a different direction.

  • Players will need Bouncer hoverboard.
  • Once the Bouncer hoverboard is acquired, activate it.
  • With the Bouncer hoverboard activated, try to pick up a jetpack.
  • Upgrade jetpack for longer durability.