Subway Surfers Sau Paulo Brazil for iPhone and iPad



Did you enjoy the word tour for Tokyo in previous version, then its time to fast dash and Dodge the oncoming trains in new version of Subway Surfers 1.25.0 Sao Paulo. Brazil is now a days full of sports fans due to FIFA World Cup soccer, and this is the reason Subway Surfers World tour to Sao Paulo Brazil.

Users on iPhone or iPad, if you are looking to get the Subway Surfers Sau Paulo, then first you have to check your version of the game have installed on your device, the latest version is 1.26 (World Tour Paris). Once if have updated your game to 1.26 version them it might not be possible to revert it back to any previous update.

If your iPad or iPad has this game running lower game compared to the latest one, go to settings and keep checking the version update, one more thing, while playing the Subway Surfers, you must have to connect your device to internet so that you can update it automatically.


Also if you don’t want to miss any new version of the Subway surfers then keep visiting the official website for every coming details. Unfortunately, if you are here to download the game, Sorry we don’t have anything here, you might go through the iTunes Store to download any game or app.