Subway Surfers to receive 512MB RAM support in the upcoming update


There is good news for the Windows Phone users, who has 512 MB RAM in their Windows Smartphone. The Subway Surfers will coming soon to their phones in the upcoming update. The Game is available on the Android platform for 512 MB and1 GB or higher variant, but in the Windows Phone, it is available only for the 1 GB and higher variant, but now it’s coming for them also. This lite version of the game has all the feature as well as graphical user interface, which is loved by the users. This version is also free for the Windows Smartphone users.


The Joe Belfiore previously said that the support is on the way and today we have learned that Subway Surfers will be compatible with 512MB of RAM in the next update, which will take players through Paris as part of the World Tour. They also mentioned that in the upcoming Paris update, the game has some new area and lower hardware requirements, new colorful outfits for Coco and Prince K will be available, alongside new powerup awards and a sci-fi Teleporter board. It’s a neat move by the developer, Kiloo, who has shown strong support for Microsoft’s mobile platform with a steady stream of content patches.But the developers not clear that, when the Subway Surfers to receive 512MB RAM support.