StoreDot, the ‘next generation’ battery charger – CES 2015

By | January 8, 2015

At CES 2015, apart from the leading brands, there are also some smaller brands that have come up with interesting and what we can call modern-age miracle technologies. One such an Israel based start-up has come with a product StoreDot that every cell phone user would long to have. StoreDot, the ‘next generation’ battery charger, is a one-of-its-kind that can charge a Smartphone in a jiffy.


The company’s chief executive, Doron Myersdorf demonstrated StoreDot at CES 2015 with the Samsung Smartphone that recharged the near-dead phone to full capacity in time less than it takes to boil a kettle.

Battery charger

StoreDot charges a phone in 30 seconds

The current version of the charger is much smaller and handy than the previous version which was heavier and bulkier and impractical for everyday use. The charging dock is slim-line and very comfortable to use and carry around.  The charging capacity of the StoreDot is expected to revolutionize and transform the way one uses phones, tablets, laptops or any other smart wearables.

Storedot Battery charger

This ‘next generation’ battery charger aspirations are much advanced and superior for the technology cannot be re-installed in the existing devices. It uses nanotechnology and may burn the phone with the 40amps electricity the current version of the charger supplies.

The built of the battery is completely new and it contains specially synthesized organic molecules.  Doron Mysersdorf explains the reactions in the battery are non-convectional and advanced that allows one to charge very fast and move ions from an anode to a cathode at a velocious speed that cannot be imagined without the new material used.

He also claims that giant phone makers from USA, South Korea, China and Japan have already queued up to license or buy the exclusive rights for the technology. Also, he admits that more work has to be done to it before it is ready for market. Reducing the charging time from halve of its current time seems to be the next goal of the company.

One of the biggest challenge that consumers smart electronic industry faces today is the battery technology.  If one can charge battery-hungry gadgets in less than a minute, the market filled with portable batteries to emergency top-ups to a backpack to charge several gadgets at once can go obsolete. Let’s wait to watch if the game-changer can clean sweep the market.