How to stop Tracking your Location from Google and other services


When you are using the map application to find the path around you or else if you wants to check in to location need to Facebook to tell your friends where you have been, Then you use location Tracking. But apps and services can keep tracking your every move and this can be serious privacy issue. And aside from everything else, this also uses up your battery a lot faster than is ideal. If you dont want to track you to follow this guide which will be useful. This article gives you the clear information about how to stop Tracking your location from Google and other services. But the thing is you need to follow the steps given below for Google and different services.


In Google tracks your location unless you disable it your self, It also gathers data from your Google maps, even you can disable this manually you can delete the places form your location history for that you have to follow  the steps given below.

  • Go to Google Settings page.
  • Now you need to click on the pause button in the place where you have been tile on the light and to delete the individual entries from the  location history.
  • You can pick any date from the calendar on the left > click Delete all history from this day. If you don’t want any of your location history tracked, just click Delete all history


In Android initially you need to turn off the location settings but this may effect the functionality of some useful services, if still you feel that could rather than not to report your location to Google. For that follow the below steps

  • Open the settings in the drop down list select location followed by Google location.
  • Now you need to tap on the location reporting to off.
  • Go back tap location history > Off and you need to delete the location history.


Generally users use several apps and services to your your location on your iOS to provide features applications popular even for the purpose of advertisement based on place etc. Follow the below steps to disable

  • Initially Open settings> privacy > location settings.
  • The first thing is you need to turn the location settings on or off, you can turn it off for the disable the tracking entirely, still you have to do several things such as search for whether data manually.
  • see the apps which will access through location data, and disable the apps in your iPhone and iPad. I recommend not to disable because if you lost the device through this location only you can find the device.
  • In system services you can disable all the options except cell network search to stop tracking. Tap frequent location and turn that off too.

Windows 8 

Disabling the tracking in windows is simple, Follow the below steps

  • Tap windows key and button C at a time and navigate search option in that search bar write PC settings and click on the PC settings.
  • Go to privacy > Location > lets windows and apps use my location > OFF

Black Berry 10

In the Black Berry 10 preventing tracking of location is easy and simple, as given below

  • Open Settings > Navigate Location settings > Turn of the traffic data collection and location based adverts, Even you can switch of location services entirely at the same location
  • If you want to disable location access by specific apps, go to Settings > App Manager > Go to the Application Permissions screen to change permissions for individual apps.
  • Now tap Permissions > select Location > tap any app that you want to cut off from using your location > Off.
  • That it you are done with disabling the Tracking.