Stickman Downhill Physics Engine based bike game


Stickman Downhill is an android game basically this is Physics Engine based bike game which is available in the Android Google play store. This game is very simple and ease to play nothing difficulty is their simply you need to finish the game as quickly as possible with out crashing and get your time gauged with the three star system. This Game is Similar to the game which was a huge successor Hill Climb racing even the controls are also similar.


How to play

  • Initially you need to download this Game from the Google play store of your Android device, Once you are done with the downloading it will install automatically.
  • After installation Stick man Down Hill icon will appear on the device screen shot, If you click on the icon the game opens.
  • The game intro with a tutorial which helps to play, Before starting the play it will guide you the controls hoo to play the game.
  • Simply there are two controlling options one is brake and another is accelerator. If you touch the screen forward the accelerator will active and the same thing you do in the back direction the brake will active similar controls I have seen the game Hill climb racing.
  • If you get the score you can unlock the vehicles.



  • The Game is simple and easy to play, especially kids too like this Game.
  • Graphically this game is awesome and music is quite good.
  • Initial levels are very easy to play.
  • Game progress, you can able to unlock the levels and vehicles.


  • Levels are very easy to play which makes us boring.
  • Playing this game feels like playing Hill Climb racing.


Overall this game is quite simple and easy to play, Graphically this game is good. Definitely I can assure you kids will like this game, Only drawback is that playing this game feels like playing hill climb racing.

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