Stichy Lets You Curate And Share Mobile Media Easily

By | December 22, 2014

Rumr Inc. launched its third app recently. It’s called Stichy, which is an app focussed on sharing multimedia content and data within specific groups. Rumr Inc. is backed by Khosla Ventures and they managed to raise an $80,ooo initial seed amount last year. Ben Ling, the man behind Khosla Ventures revealed that they had undertaken the responsibility of funding a number of their¬†projects. Stichy is the third such project.

Rumr’s co-founder, James Jarlecki has a background of being heavily involved in the messaging business. He was previously associated with textPlus. This initiative was started by Jarlecki¬†earlier this year in the month of March when they came up with an anonymous app called rumr, which was used for group messaging. They also launched an app called Shotlock in August, which dealt with Photo Sharing.

Their latest venture, Stichy is addressing the problem of photo sharing.


For example, suppose you go out with your friends for a party. Naturally, all of them will take photos of the party on their respective phones. Getting all the pictures from them would take a while, and it is a very cumbersome process. What Stichy will do is make this collaboration of pictures, videos and other media easy to share and view. It will provide a centralised ap through which people can view and share such media. The app will let multiple people share, or contribute their content to the Stichy; from where all the participants of the group can view the pictures which will be in the form of an interactive slideshow. As is the norm, you can comment as well as like these pictures and slides.

The idea of Stichy is very bright and creative. How it pans out once it goes live will be very interesting to see.


Author: Saugaat

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