Steve Jobs called Jon Stewart once when he poked fun at Apple. Here’s what happened…


Former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs wasn’t very happy with Jon Stewart when he poked fun at Apple back in 2010.

Tech blog Gizmodo found a prototype of the iPhone 4 sitting in a bar four years ago. Jon Stewart, being the funny man that he is, teased Apple in a skit called “Appholes.”

“Bill Gates is curing malaria and Apple is kicking people’s doors in, the whole thing is upside down,” Stewart said in his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show where he recalled the conversation. Some noble soul found a recording of Stewart telling Stern all about it on YouTube.

Steve Jobs, surprisingly, didn’t tear into Stewart like you might expect.

“It was actually the worst because he was really nice,” Stewart said.

Check out the video below to hear Stewart’s recollection of the conversation.