Stealthy Camera : Live Broadcast Windows Phone camera to PC


The most awaited Stealthy Camera app is now available in the Windows Phone store. It is the first kind of app for the Windows Phone which will let you to really broadcast your Windows Phone live camera stream to your PC. This app introduces the new ways to enjoy your phone as it turn your device into spy camera, broadcasting camera and surveillance camera.

Stealthy Camera helps you to broadcast your camera’s live stream on to your PC, record files on your phone and capture images in the stealthy mode without being noticed. When the app is running you can press the power key to lock the phone, broadcasting and recording will continue even when your phone is locked. It broadcasts your camera to any web browser and it doesn’t require any software to be installed on your computers.

Stealthy Camera opens the door for the new usage scenarios and it will quite funny when you watch your live camera on your PC. It will be useful to enjoy the broadcasting live events with friends and family and spy or monitor whatever you want to do in the Stealthy mode.



  • Broadcasts Windows Phone live camera to PC.
  • Supports recording of live streaming of camera.
  • Features Stealthy mode which supports broadcast and record even when the phone is locked.
  • Able to download the recorded files to your computer.
  • Play the recorded videos on your phone and computer.
  • Secured access of your broadcast and recordings.
  • Configure the capture settings such as video quality, orientation, camera position, FPS and more.
  • Web-based interface to control your camera remotely. Switch to front/back camera, turn the flash on/off, mute/unmute audio and start/stop the recordings.
  • No need to download any additional software on your PC. It works with any browser.

This requires Wi-Fi connection or high speed internet connection to broadcast and download the files on to your PC. You can use it to record files even there is no Wi-Fi connection.

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