StartUps – Today & Tomorrow (Introduction)


Well, here we are. With something exciting and new, as always.

Startup community is ever exciting and growing. The craze of getting into something crazy and innovative has seen millions of people getting into this StartUp world lately.

The StartUp – Today & Tomorrow series is an initiative to cover all the craze, expertise, creativity and experience involved in the Startup community. The idea is to have a weekly episode talking about a unique topic every week. We will be trying our level best to cover the best topics around getting a few industry experts every week from all sorts of domains and demographics.

The series is basically an initiative to help the young StartUps in the problems they face initially and later in their venture by extracting the knowledge from the experienced veterans. The Tech Bulletin team hopes for a better response from all you people out there and we expect that this initiative can be a successful one over the coming time.

Stay tuned, see you at the videos. 🙂