Startup Drippler Raises $4.5 million in Series A Round of Funding

By | June 30, 2015

On Monday, smartphones’ app-recommendation startup Drippler secured $4.5 million in Series A funding led by Titanium Investments along with participants likes TMT Investments, iAngels, Reuven Agassi, Yanki Margalit, David Assia, Christian Gaiser and other private investors.


Palo Alto-based startup founded in 2011, Drippler app helps its users to discover and adopt technology. It offers personlaized recommendations on apps, features and accessories to help one get more out of the smartphone. The app has a news aggregator element, pulling in news about the phone model or details on its operating system, and also sends notifications on daily basis with tips, advice and other related apps based on the personal preferences. Apart from recommendation, it connects users with content and news.


The app available on iOS and Android, tracks everything the users on his/her smartphone which includes Facebook activity, the model and phone brands, carrier, location and what the person likes, shares, bookmarks and installs through his phone. If the app find the user like fashion, it send articles about other fashion apps and its new features. It has to be noted that it does not send articles on fashion or just a recommendation for an app.  But it would send an article from a publication like Geektime with a review of fashion app.

Matan Talmi, CEO of Drippler said, “Drippler helps mobile users make the most of their devices and apps while helping tech brands and developers reach their target audiences.” He also added, “The average user wants to use his device to its full potential but has a hard time keeping track of all new tech developments. We provide users with relevant updates, on topics and devices that are relevant to them.”


With the new funds, the company plans to develop its technology and data offerings and also, widen its resource team. In the six months that has led to secure fund, the startup doubled its user base and tripled its revenue. It had 10 million installs to other apps in the last year and now, with the current round of funding, it raises the Drippler’s total funding to $6.4 million.

Drippler makes money by driving revenue to other apps. Its strategy includes connecting advertisers, app developers and accessory manufacturers with engaged audiences. But Talmi states the it would recommend app no matter they are partners or not. He said, “Only 10% of our recommendations are sponsored and they are clearly marked.” Drippler is not free from competition in this field. It has players like Softonic, Playboard and AppAdvice.