Start-up Qumulo unveils Intelligent Storage platform


With the fund raised from various high-profile investors amounting $67 million, on Monday, Qumulo, a new enterprise data storage company launched what it calls the world’s first data-aware scale-out-network-attached storage (NAS). Enterprises intelligently managed and stores billions and trillions of files with the help of Qumulo Core, which was developed for the same according to the company.

Qumulo intelligent storage

The company whose name means ‘stack’ in Latin spent around three full years in product development. The Seattle-based company was formed by industry veterans from Isilon (now belongs to EMC), Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft. Qumulo Core was the company’s first product and was designed to store and manage large amount of data (in trillions) by inventors of scale-out NAS.

The working mechanism of the Core is not that complicated. It builds real-time data analytics directly into storage, giving the organizations a clear view of their data and storage and organize it on the basis of which data is more valuable, where it is stored, which users or applications are accessing which files, which ones should be archived, backed up or deleted and why data grows. This helps in providing greater visibility of the stored data. Qumulo states the users of Core have reported increase in productivity and performance and storage efficiency.

The company has worked with its customers for last three years to build the first data-aware scale-out NAS solution for the company, which stated let organizations manage, store and curate a huge number of digital assests with one storage solution.

Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) is the key component that is designed to have an edge on the price/performance economics of commodity hardware, flash and dense spinning disk. It is also capable to read and write optimized, have sequential and transactional performance and handle small and large files.

Linux operating system serves as the base for the subscription-priced Qumulo Core to run. The software only product can work on Qumulo’s commodity hardware appliances or an approved commodity storage server hardware is required for the software only product to run. The scope of the product lies at demanding unstructured data workloads in industries including media and entertainment, life sciences, oil and gas and other commercial high performance computing environments.

The advantages of the Core has been jotted down by Jim Miller, a senior analyst at enterprise management specialists EMA. Firstly, he pointed out the storage capacity – the Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage appliance has a 1U node that can hold 24 TB of raw HDD capacity and 1.6 TB of raw SSD capacity. Secondly, Qumulo’s data-aware scale-out NAS can be scaled from four to over 1000 nodes in a single cluster and single namespace.

Investors of scale-out NAS at Isilon Systems, which was bought five years ago by EMC for $2.5, arre the founders of the company. $40 million in Series B funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers was announced recently by the company.

Now, Qumulo Core software and Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage appliances are available in the market. The price starts from $50,000 for the basic four-node 100 TB raw capacity Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage cluster. Miller stated, “Core seems to bring a lot of visibility to the data itself. It’s an improvement over precious products.”