Starbucks starts testing its in-building delivery service in NYC

By | October 14, 2015


Starbucks started its most anticipated delivery service in Empire State Building in New York. The coffee chain will start testing its own delivery option called “Green Apron”. Starbucks has announced about this service almost a year ago.

The working process of Green Apron delivery service is pretty simple. If you are a customer, you have to login to this new delivery website by using your Starbucks Reward account (this account is same as your Pay app and Mobile order account), select your beverage. After selecting, you have to move it to the cart and then check out. Your beverage will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.

You won’t find place to sit and take your coffee in this kitchen, as it is dedicated for delivery orders. The Empire State Building tenants can order brewed coffee, sandwiches for breakfast, espresso beverages and some launch food from the official website of this delivery service.

Customers ordering some beverages from Starbucks can specify a meeting spot (say reception desk) to pick the delivery. The order will be delivered to the specified drop area like reception desk or common area. Currently Starbucks is testing this delivery option as a trial, but it may expand the service for some other buildings in near future.