Stanford researchers found a way to reduce VR sickness

By | August 7, 2015


Watching Virtual Reality video can be daunting tasks, as when we use VR set to watch the VR video for some time, you feel sick. It is not any new, thing or unexpected because, when one uses VR devices, they produce 3D images on the flat plane. These images don’t come with any depth, so eye can’t focus on the rear and near objects as it does in the real life. This type of sickness is now known as VR sickness.


Researchers from Stanford have told that they have developed a new type of headset for virtual reality experience. According to the report published by the Researchers, they have used a light field stereoscope, which creates an image more akin to a hologram projected in front of the eye than the 2D image on the screen. The prototype developed by them features two transparent LCDs placed on top of each other, there is a space between the LCDs, which according to the researchers will allow the user to focus on the different parts of the image at their will and this will also enhanced their VR watching experience.

Researchers claim that by using this headset user can watch the VR video for loner period of time without feeling sick. This device is still a prototype and there is still some works to be done before it gets ready. If you want to know more about this prototype, then please click here to watch the official video posted by researchers.