Squawkin messaging app for Android offers flexibility and privacy

By | October 11, 2014

Social networking and messaging apps for all mobile platforms has become very common these days, but this doesn’t mean that some one can come and make a better app, though. But, Squawkin, new social communication app for iOS and Android attempts to do that. It has some unique features which includes the ability to send the photos, audio, text, location and all at once with some extra privacy options. You can delete the message not just on your phone, but also on everyone’s devices.



  • You control exactly whom you hear from and with an unusual array of the user-controlled privacy settings.
  • If you sent a wrong message, photo or any information you can delete it, not only from your device but also from other devices and even from the Squawkin’s servers.
  • You can have the total control on how the people find you or don’t find you.
  • Squawkin secures all your personal information and the data which you share.
  • You address book is safe because Squawkin doesn’t require which you share with your personal contacts.

You can Whisper the message to your friends, Share in groups and Shout to crowds.

  • One to One Friends : Using Squawkin you can find and privately communicate with your friends
  • All to All Groups : Squawkin allow you to create searchable or hidden groups and then invite your friends to join in. Groups can be made of anyone or everyone, with no limit of number of members.
  • One to All : Crowds : This can be said as the unique feature that this app features, users can build and broadcast to unlimited public following called crowds. You can follow your interests and heroes, and you can also build your own crowds.

Download Squawkin Messaging app for Andriod

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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