Sprint wants you to switch to its carrier and you’ll have to pay half of your bill



Sprint brings a very special plan to lure in new customers. The carrier company is offering a 50 percent price cut of your current T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon plan. So if you switch to sprint, you’ll have to pay half of what you are currently paying.

This new offers means that you’ll have to pay half of what you are paying to other carriers without even changing your current plan. Suppose you are paying $20 for some plans to other carriers like AT&T or Verizon, you’ll get same plan on Sprint at $10 only.

This new plan of Sprint is similar to “Cut Your Rate Plan” that was offered last year by the company. The main difference here is that you won’t need to trade your current phone for Sprint’s new offer and now T-Mobile is also included that was absent from company’s last year offer.

This is a good offer from Sprint, though this is not as simple as it looks. This plan is only for new customers. The $95 unlimited data plan of T-Mobile is not a part of this offer. Though, this time Sprint don’t want you to trade your phone while switching to it from other carrier, but some customers may have to buy new phones in order to take advantage of this plan.