Spoony Fish Android Game : Fun Arcade game with clumsy fish

By | May 20, 2014

Spoony Fish is the fun arcade game developed by the indie game developer with a clumsy fish similar to Flappy fish. It is the story of the protagonist Bilo, which falls in love with the gorgeous specimen, Candy. The theme of the game is Bilo should reach the Candy, who is very far away from him and he sets off a journey to reach her and express his love.

In the mean journey to reach her, he need to cross so many obstacles in the middle and he lives in post war water world filled with lots of radioactive mines which were left by the stupid warmongering men.¬†and if that were touched once Bilo will be literally blown up. You can escape from these mines if you invoke the Genie. Yes, there is a cup cake loving Genie in the game, if you feed him with right amount of sweets, he can save the Bilo’s life even if he jumps in to the mine.

The gameplay is very simple and you just need to keep the Bilo away from the mines and collect as many as cup cakes in the middle to feed the genie, so that you will be safe even when you bump into the mine. You need to control the fish with just tapping and be careful and escape from the dreadful mines.


  • Funny graphics and animated look.
  • Simple gameplay and easy controls, tapping simply keeps the Bilo swimming away from the mines.
  • Addictive, as you will find it is very difficult to keep the fish away from the dreadful mines.
  • Collect the cupcakes in the game to invoke the genie which saves your life even when you hit ¬†mines.

Here is the video tutorial which helps you how to play the game.

Spoony Fish is available for free and you can download it from here.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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