Splunk acquires Caspida for $190 million

By | July 11, 2015

On Friday, Splunk Inc, a publicly traded log analytics company, acquired Caspida, a cybersecurity startup for a total of $190 million that includes approximately $127 million in cash and $63 million in restricted Splunk securities.


Splunk Inc is the provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational intelligence. The combination of Splunk and Caspida technology revolutionizes the security market by unifying world-class breach the response with the breach detection. As part of the deal, Splunk has acquired all the outstanding stock of Caspida for the amount agreed.

“Splunk built its reputation in security by enabling customers to more effectively respond to breaches. With this acquisition, our customers can now also better detect advanced threats – the breaches that are becoming more complex and severe with each passing day,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk.

Founded in 2014 in Palo Alto, California, First Round Capital, Redpoint Ventures and True Ventures backed up the startup. Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of Caspida said, “We founded Caspida with a vision of applying data science to help solve the most pressing cyber security challenges –  advanced threats and insider threats.” He also added, “By analyzing machine data and using data science to detect meaningful anomalous behavior of users, devices and entities. Caspida has solved a problem that previously required significant manpower and expensive, do-it-yourself toolsets. We are excited to join the Splunk family and deliver new detection capabilities to customers.”