Spelltronic for Android : Action packed arcade word game


Spelltronic is an action packed arcade game which is quite interesting. There are some robots in this game which try to escape and all you need to do is stop them by spelling the words. Yes, you need to connect the letters on each robot to create a meaningful word and prevent the robots from escaping.

You have two minutes and you need to spell as many words as you can by tapping on the robots with letters, letterbots marching down the screen.The words you form must contain at least three letters, if the word bar at top turn Green you can now tap on it to explode those drones.

The time will be increased for every word you have created and game will get the over when there is no time left with you. The level of difficulty increases with the  play and so good thinking and good spelling skills are important.


Being quick is not enough but you must be strategic in spelling the words. Don’t use more vowels in spelling a word, because you may waste your precious time waiting for the new to emerge. If you are felling something zippy, you can tap on the fast forward button on the right top to advance them faster to collect the extra points.

Spelltronic is very simple and with a single aim of beating your high score or compete with others through Google Play games leader boards. The game has got amazing retro pixel graphics with bright and cool and very good background tune. It is a good vocabulary learning app, useful for the new word learners.

Download Spelltronic from Google play Store. You need to spend $0.99 to buy this game.