Speed up browsing with Firefox by enabling new HTTP Cache


If the Firefox has been feeling slow for you recently, you could have the possibility to eliminate some of those UI hangs with an about:config tweak.

The Mozilla group is taking a shot at various execution tweaks for forthcoming versions of Firefox browser, one of which is the utilization of another HTTP cache that should fix some UI hang problems. It is not enabled inbuilt, however will be soon-and you can turn it on now with an about:config tweak available with the latest released Mozilla browser.


To make changes with the new Mozilla browser you need to do:

Speed up browsing with Firefox by enabling new HTTP Cache

  1. Walk through about:config into Firefox browser’s address bar and press Enter.
  2. Search there for the browser.cache.use_new_backend flag and double-click on it to go to next step.
  3. Change its value from 0 to 1 to enable the new cache. (Whenever you want to restore it back just do change it’s value back to 0).
  4. Close about:config and continue browsing-no need to restart or anything.

I enabled it and while it hasn’t been a silver bullet, it seems to have helped decrease the number of times the browser screeches to a halt. So many other tips and tutorials are there you can visit. Click on the navigation pages to explore tutorials, guides and more that keeps you updated with all latest news, reviews and tips.