Space VR wants you to see the space like an Astronaut

By | August 13, 2015


Virtual Reality is pretty popular now a days, I f you want to experiences something amazing and cool. When you watch the VR video, you suddenly enter whole new universe and can experience whole new environment of video watching. A new Startup wants you to experience the space through VR. Everyone wants to go to Space, but everyone won’t afford to go there, as it costs loads of money, therefore the Startup Company named Space VR will allow you to experience the space environment through its 360 degree videos by using any VR headset.

The Space VR launched the Kickstarter for crowd funding with goal of raising $500,000. They are planning to send own a tiny 12 camera rig to the International Space Station (ISS), which will shoot 360 degree video and will send the VR footage to the Earth. This 12-Camera rig was made around 12 GoPros and is called “Overview One” by the team. Each camera will shoot the 4K ultra HD video and combine the footage together to create VR video sphere and then it will be sent back to Earth. According them, the size of two recording session will be 624 GB. The video can be watched on any currently available VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus.

The Space VR wants to raise fund up to $500,000, which according to them will be costs of launching the project and operating it for one year. If you want to experience the space, you have to pay some money, like you have to spend $75 for three months content and can subscribe for one year by giving $250. This is the least you can do, if you want to visit the space, because you can see the space by sitting in home with any of VR headset available in the market.