Sony’s X-Reality Engine lands to mid-range Xperia devices


Sony’s advantage is in the optimizations and technology behind their raw components. Their experience in other fields makes their gadgets very unique, as they lean to adopt other technologies in their mobile sector. An example is their display enhancement, which include X-Reality and Bravia’s Triluminous improvements.


These advancements have a tendency to be exclusive to Sony’s top handsets, though. Still, just handsets like the Sony Xperia Z1s, Z1, Z1 Ultra and Z2 have the authority of utilizing these improvements. At the end of the day these options are for the basically programming ttechniques. This implies our helpful designers can make porting them conceivable!

Taichiswag, one of the popular XDA forums member, has created a MOD to permit the X-Reality engine in other Sony smartphones or tablets. According to the post, it will work on almost every Xperia smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher. It also works with both unlocked and locked bootloaders, but to get the X reality Engine on your device, it must have root access. Search our website(If your device doesn’t have root access) for the rooting tutorial for your device, I hope you will get that.

If you are newbie in flashing and rooting your device, then it might be a tough task to get this mod as some of the steps is bit confusing, so before getting started with the process, read the complete tutorial which you will find under the link given below. Head over to this XDA thread link to get the MOD file and the steps to follow.

If you don’t know what exactly the X-Reality Engine is then, here is in short detail about it, it analyzes images and tries to improve their contrast, detail, color and more. Check Out the images to analyze the different, it might give you more idea about this display technology.