Sony’s e-paper watch to hit the store this week

By | November 17, 2015


Last year, a watch with e-paper display was revealed by the subsidiary of Sony. The watch was first uncovered on the Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake, but it looks like this FES watch will finally see the light of the day. This unique timepiece will go on sale, but only in Japan, Folks.

For your kind information, this watch is not a smartwatch. If you are interested in the watch, you can buy it from MoMA Design Store that is located in Omotesando from this Saturday, November 21st. interested users can also buy this wearable device from Isetan boutique in Shinjuku from December 1st. As of now, only these two stores will sell out this watch with e-paper display, that too in Japan.

This FES watch can also be bought from MoMO online store and Sony’s First Flight store, the shipping will start from this Saturday only. Interested people can buy this watch from these stores at the price of ¥29,700 (which is equal to $242 approximately). The company has not reveled much about its plan for wider release or when this watch is going to hit other stores.