Sony unveils its improvised fitness tracker – SmartBand 2



Now Sony officially announces its new SmartBand 2. This new Sony SmartBand has everything you need in a fitness tracker. As fitness tracker band has become quite popular and everyone wants to own one, this band is certainly going to fit every requirements. This new fitness band comes with silicon band and can monitor your steps and heart rate.

This new Sony SmartBand 2 will notify the user by connecting to the Android and iOS smartphones similar to its predecessor. The band will vibrate and allow the user to know about the incoming calls, texts and emails.

This SmartBand doesn’t come with any display rather it notify the user via vibrations. This device can also work as music controller and comes with smart alarm features, which will monitor the sleep of the user and wake them by vibrating at light sleep.


According to the company, this wearable band is waterproof and has powerful battery to last two days after one hour of charging. This device can be used to monitor the activity as well as notifications. This device can be paired with Sony’s Lifelog app to give more deep information about the fitness, stress level and the customer’s well being. This app will show the data like number of steps taken and number of stairs climbed by the user with some information about phone activity like when user clicked pictures, listened music or played games.

Sony’s Lifelog app supports lots of product from Sony such as Smartwatch, SmartBand and SmartBand Talk. This new Sony’s SmartBand 2 will be available for purchase in September and the price of the device will be $132. The new SmartBand 2 will be available in different colors like black, white, pink and indigo. At the time of launch, the company plans to launch only the black and white variants and the reaming pink and indigo color bands have been planned for later release.