Sony simplifies Bootloader Process for Xperia devices


South Korean tech giant Sony has Sony simplifies Bootloader Process for Xperia devices. The Unlock Boot Loader service received a much-needed facelift that makes it easier for users to go through the unlocking process.

In the case of the older version of the service provided by the Sony has similar functionality, the facelift provides detailed step-by-step instructions to guide users through the process. It does not hurt that the page has also received a visual overhaul, giving it a more modern look.

Korean Giant Sony has also added the  support for its latest hardware, that includes the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet.  If any  Users looking to unlock the bootloader on either device had to look for unofficial alternatives until now. With the addition of the new hardware, Sony continues to be one of the few manufacturers that offers an official unlock option to users.

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You will still basically hand over Sony your IMEI as well as an e-mail address which they will use to send you an unlock code. Aside from the simple process, Sony has also revamped the page to not only make it look prettier, but also present the important things up front, like how to return to a stock Sony ROM after you’ve had your fun.

The Sony has the distinction of actually providing an official way to unlock the users’ devices. To be fair, Motorola does have one as well, but its list of supported devices pales in comparison with Sony’s.