Sony Set To Sell Vintage Playstation4 For Its 20th Anniversary

By | December 5, 2014
Sony PS4 retro

Having made it’s debut on December 3, 1994,Sony’s PlayStation is all grown up and 20 years old now. To mark the occasion, the Japanese electronics maker has revealed that it will sell a commemorative version of its PlayStation4 console that sports a distinctively retro look which will be a throwback to it’s earlier years.

As far as designing and colour goes, the individually-numbered 12,300 PS4s being sold globally are painted in the same gray as the first console and also bear its original four-color logo. They are expected to cost Y49,980 in Japan, $499 in the U.S. and EUR499 in Europe. Expecting a huge robust demand, Sony said that customers in the U.S. and Japan can make lottery-based pre-orders at Sony’s official online store.

Sony Playstation Retro

The limited edition console on display in Tokyo.

The PlayStation is the world’s most popular game console right now, with the PS4′s sales far ahead of rivals consoles sold by Microsoft or Nintendo. However, the story was very different when the first PlayStation model debuted in 1994. The world questioned the electronics giant’s entry into the industry because Sega and Nintendo had legions of devoted followers working on their own new machines.

Now as the market leader, Sony is fighting against new forces upcoming in the industry like free-to-play games that are quickly becoming popular among smartphone users.

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