Sony all set to bring Digital Vision Ultra HD titles to home



Dolby is partnering with Sony Pictures to launch 4K Ultra HD movies set by using Dolby Vision HDR format. This is the first time that HDR format is going to be used for home video via physical discs and streaming provider.

According to a report of Inside CI, this new partnership of Sony may lead to making of Ultra HD TVs that can be compatible with Dolby Vision. Many TV makers have already pushed themselves to produce some Ultra HD TVs. Some company like LG, Panasonic and Philips are gearing for open-standard HDR-support for their top TV models.

We have experienced the Dolby Vision effects in Dolby theaters and no one can deny about the spectacular visual effects. So it is sure to be interesting to see how Sony brings that superb image quality to TV. If Sony successfully brings the Dolby Vision quality through its Ultra HD TV, then we are sure to have a very impressive home cinema experience.

Richard Berger, Senior VP of Sony said, “We continue to be enthusiastic about the growing consumer appetite for next-generation 4K Ultra HD content, With Dolby Vision imaging technology, we can now master our movies with the highest-quality visual experience for distribution to consumers’ homes.”

Currently, there are very few TVs that support Dolby Vision effect and one of them is Vizo which is available in US. We are anticipating that TV from Sony with which we can experience this Dolby Vision effect.