Sony LifeLog app update now available to non-Xperia devices

By | April 25, 2014

The LifeLog App – Just a few weeks ago after launching in Google Play for Sony devices, the Sony Lifelog app is now available for non-Xperia smartphone but the only condition is devices should run the latest KitKat 4.4. The app, which allows you handle activity using your handset and the new Sony wearable Smartband, was listed in the Play Store with no combined changelog but after inspection seems to install just fine on many smartphones running the latest Android Kitkat. The app also offers one small changes in the dashboard that allows you set a “running stride length” and “stride length” to better limit your exercise.


Moreover, unlike on Sony Xperia gadgets the Lifelog app does not want you to use a Sony ID to keep things in synchronized — getting this app onto a non-Sony handset ask you sign in and synchronize with a Google account instead. I got error first time signing in on the Google Nexus 5, but after that it seems to sync just great. I am not sure if this is what Sony try to do by expanding the Lifelog app to more devices.

If you are an Xperia device fan and still running out of Xperia, you people can have the taste of Xperia app on your non-Xperia device running latest Android KitKat 4.4. According to the Sony, this app has great functionality over earlier one with quite nice and decent UI.

To download this app you first need to head over to the Play store to find this app. You can either click on the Play Store link to directly redirect to the download page of this app.