Sony to launch Xperia Z3X with 6.14 inch Trimaster OLED display


There are plenty of rumors rounding the internet regarding the upcoming Sony devices, but they are rarely as detailed as this one. Coming to the Sony Xperia Z3X which is assumed as the superior version of Sony’s flagship smartphone Xperia Z3 which is expected to launch this fall.

According to the sources, Xperia Z3X is to be powered by Snapdragon 810 processor and to feature 22 megapixel camera and the Sony’s exclusive Trimaster EI OLED display. Along with this the rumors also specifies that it features 6.14 inch Trimaster OLED display with 2560 x 1152 resolution and also a very little bezel is said to be seen on front of the device. Sony is already into producing the OLED displays but only for the 25 inches and this is the first time it has mentioned it in mobile application.



Sony has struggled regarding the display in the past, but his OLED display is the strong competitor and this should give even Samsung to worry about. It is to be powered by Snapdragon 810 processor along with 4 GB RAM. Coming to the Operating System Android L is anyhow rumored here and it is the first device which might replace your digital point and shoot. It features 2/3 inch curved Exmors-RS CMOS sensor which captures 22 megapixel hides behind f/1.2 G lens and it has lens attachment with professional flash, complete with grip and also a microphone to boot.

It is expected to release in 2015 and it is to feature a pretty impressive piece of hardware. It has been so much time since Sony has did something different in the mobile space and this device could be result of the Sony’s years of research. Sony is already delivering the high quality imaging components as we already seen with Xperia Z1 and Z2.