Sony finally settles the Xperia Water Proofing Lawsuit


Even before water resistance became so common with the high-end smartphones. Sony started flaunting the water proofing technology on the flagship models since four years. Sadly, many of us have actually taken the word for the smartphones but were disappointed when they actually did not get the expected results.

Instead of the water proofing technology, they have got a completely soaked and ruined phone, when confronted with water. When claimed about the water resistance technology, Sony has agreed on refunding some money, according to the lawsuit.


Depending on the phone model, Sony might give you around $100 to $300, in money.  The water proof ratings that have been mentioned don’t tell you that you can use the phone, exactly under the water. At most, the rating only tells you how long the phone can survive when it is submerged in the water, at a certain depth. Sony, however, has used the rating to advertise, tricking the users to believe that the phones are completely resistive.

The claims of these plaintiffs who have sued the company, a year back has made sony, deceptive the marketing. Sony has gone too far even in the underwater promotion and out of all the models, the Xperia Z actually shouldn’t be used in the water at all. Even in the lawsuit, Sony did not even accept that it hasn’t done anything wrong.