Sony ends play station mobile for Android


Sony Mobiles are known for its Camera clear, Sound and the gaming, but recently Sony has announced that they are planning to end the play station mobile. The future mobile is not able to access to the play station mobile store. Sony also stated that the devices which are running on Android Operating system kitkat version 4.4.2 devices have a capable to access the play station.



The devices which runs on Operating system 4.4.3 and above may run into issues while play or accessing the control and playing game. The users are willing to shift to Android L will be not able to access at all. If you are having any doubt follow the chart that outlines feature availability based on Android version

Sony also clearly gives the clear information that it will not giving any more play station certified status to the future or upcoming devices which Sony is going to be released. Even thought the play station Mobile services enjoyed the occasion hit, lack of exclusive titles meant that the services did not gain much traction with mainstream consumers. For more details stay tuned.